Doris Isabel Brunschweiler is a swiss interaction designer and illustrator born and raised in Zug. After doing an apprenticeship as IT she started at the University of the Arts in Zürich to study design. The first step in her work is always to create a concept and then find a good way to transport its contents. In the implementation she wants to design a way of modern magic, which in her eyes can be build through art and modern technologies. Her point of view to look at things and her style were build trough her childhood at the farmers place of her parents with the aesthetics of nature and her interests today: visiting art galleries, exhibitions and search trough books and internet for inspirations. This is the basis for her work, which is driven by passion and like you would say in german „Eifer, Herzlichkeit, Lust, Fleiß, Schaffenslust, Tatendrang, Strebsamkeit“ - or just ambition.


Doris Isabel Braunschweiler

Zurich Unversity of the Arts

Pfingstweidstrasse 96

8005 Zurich

T+41 78 720 02 38



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